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The cost of a funeral is largely dictated by the elements that are included within the funeral. These can vary greatly, depending, for example, on the type of coffin chosen, the number of following limousines and the crematorium or cemetery of your choice.

The funeral account will comprise two sets of charges. Firstly, there will be those charges made by Miles & Daughters for our professional fees and secondly, those charges made by third parties (known as disbursements) which we usually pay on your behalf.

Our professional fees begin with our 'Basic Simple' funeral. This funeral, created in accordance with the National Association of Funeral Directors code of practice, includes all of the necessary requirements for a simple funeral , including a plain coffin, and costs £1650.00. The simple funeral does not include the use of our chapel or our limousine, although these elements may be added. Basic simple funerals must also be conducted at a time to suit our diary.

Our traditional funerals include all the usual refinements associated with a high quality funeral. These include a hearse and one limousine and use of our chapel at any time. A choice of vehicles from our fleet is also allowed for within our traditional funerals, including the use of our vintage fleet. Traditional funerals are conducted, whenever possible, on a date and time to suit our clients. The cost of such a funeral, inclusive of collection of the deceased and making arrangements is £1960.00 plus the cost of the coffin.

All funerals conducted by Miles & Daughters are carried out to the highest of standards, with great respect being shown at all times, regardless of the cost of the funeral.

By entering information below, you will be able to recieve an accurate idea of the cost of any funeral services supplied by us, together with disbursements. These costs will automatically be added to the total estimate as you enter information.

For immediate, personal attention or any advice at any time, please telephone us on 0118 979 3004 (available 24 hours).



Our Professional Fees

Up to 30 miles (included)
30-60 miles (£150)
60-100 miles (£250)
100-200 miles (£500)

No Yes

(please click on thumbnails to view a larger image and description of coffins)

This is our standard coffin range. However, we are happy to supply any type of coffin or casket to order. Please do let us know how we can help.

Please note that the basic simple funeral must route directly to a local crematorium or cemetery and will usually be arranged on a day and time to suit our diary. The basic simple funeral does not include the use of our chapel of rest or the provision of a following limousine for mourners.

To add services to a basic simple funeral, please use the drop down menu below which will appear once the basic simple funeral has been selected.

Basic Simple Funeral

Elgar Coffin
The Elgar (£360)

Gladstone Coffin
The Gladstone (£460)

Drake Coffin
The Drake (£535)

Byron Coffin
The Byron (£600.00)

Churchill Coffin
The Churchill (£660.00)

Nelson Coffin
The Nelson (£860.00)

Dickens Coffin
The Dickens (£1650.00)

Wellington Coffin
The Wellington (£2210.00)

The Victoria (£1650.00)

The Colourful (£740.00)

The Nightingale (£730.00)

Pankhurst Coffin
The Pankhurst (£710.00)

Montgomery Casket
The Montgomery (£2310.00)

No Yes (£325)


Direct to cemetery or crematorium
Via nominated address to cemetery or crematorium

(To carry maximum of 7 passengers)

Total of our professional fees £



Disbursements are the fees which we pay on your behalf to third parties. These fees will vary according to the type of funeral you choose. Please select Cremation or Burial and complete the form accordingly. All disbursements are charged at cost.

We are only able to estimate disbursement costs. Disbursement costs will be confirmed at the time of making firm arrangements.









Doctors' Fee,

Did H.M. Coroner investigate the death?

Doctors' fees are only payable if the deceased is to be cremated and the coroner has not been involved.

No Yes



Total Disbursements for Cremation: £



Churchyard burials are usually strictly reserved for those who live within parish boundaries. Cemeteries will also usually charge extra for graves of those deceased who did not reside in their catchment areas (noted as 'non-res' in our estimator). Residents of a cemetery catchment area will usually have an automatic right of burial. The cemetery fee shown refers to the purchase of a single burial plot dug to a standard depth. Fees shown also include grave digging charges and the removal of excess soil where required. Plots to accommodate multiple burials may incur additional charges. Please contact us for details.







Total Disbursements for Burial: £

Total Estimated Cost of Funeral: £


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