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Live Stream Funeral Service: A Helpful Guide

When a loved one passes, making funeral arrangements can be overwhelming, especially when considering family and friends who live far away.

Funeral live streaming is an increasingly popular way to enable family and friends from anywhere in the UK – or the world, for that matter – to attend a funeral in real time from their own homes.

What is a live stream funeral service?

Simply put, a live stream is a real-time broadcast. Using live video technology, a memorial service can be broadcast to friends and family anywhere in the world. All that’s required is a stable internet connection. Live streaming is an increasingly popular option as loved ones are likely to be scattered across the globe and perhaps unable to attend in person.

If you’re considering live streaming a funeral service, here are answers to some questions you may be asking yourself.

How do I arrange for a funeral live stream?

A growing number of crematoriums are offering funeral live streaming services, so it’s worth doing some research into funeral homes in your area to find out more. Alternatively, if you have access to suitable audio and video equipment and a little technical knowhow, you can arrange the live video yourself.

When planning your live stream, there are a few things to consider to ensure you capture the important moments of the service for loved ones watching from home: 

  • What equipment do I need? Think about how to capture the service with both video and sound. A smartphone will do the trick in a pinch, however the stream may not be high quality. If you can get hold of a video recorder and microphone then all the better for a quality stream.
  • Which platform should I use? Live video feeds are user-friendly for people joining at home and accessible for friends and family anywhere with an internet connection. Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook Live are all excellent options for public streams, but talk to your local funeral home to find out more about private alternatives.  
  • Is recording set up correctly? It’s important to ensure the recording is being monitored and everything is working properly – the last thing you want is a poor-quality stream, or worse, finding out afterwards that you forgot to hit the record button.
  • How can I share the live video with loved ones? Making sure friends and family have access to the links and information they need ahead of time is an important thing to consider. Miles & Daughters Funeral Directors offer an online donations, personal tributes and funeral notice page. This notice is a great way to communicate the details of the funeral so that your friends and family know exactly when and where it will be taking place, with any special requests from you and your family.
  • Is the internet connection stable? The internet is a brilliant tool for live streaming funerals, but connection issues can unexpectedly arise. Please do bear in mind that this is always a possibility.

How much does it cost to live stream a funeral?

The cost will depend on whether you enlist the help of a professional live streaming service or whether you opt for a DIY approach. 

Can everyone watch a funeral live stream?

Anyone with access to the internet can watch a funeral live stream in real time. So long as they have been sent the streaming link and have a mobile phone with an internet connection, family and friends anywhere in the world can pay their respects. 

If your loved one’s organising a live stream funeral service, here are answers to some questions that may be on your mind.  

How do I watch the funeral online?

First off, familiarise yourself with the technology. You’ll be sent a web link ahead of time which should include a test stream to ensure you can access the live video. Check you have good internet signal ahead of the funeral service, so that you can be fully present and avoid worrying about technical glitches on the day. If using your mobile phone, make sure your battery is fully charged.

Can I give a eulogy from a live stream?

Yes, you can – that’s the beauty of funeral live streaming. Friends and family joining from different locations can participate as though they were there in person, including giving readings and eulogies.

Should I dress a certain way?

Wear what you’d normally wear when attending a funeral, or if there’s a dress code, feel free to take your cue from this. This will help you to feel like part of the occasion wherever you tune in from.

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