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    About Miles & Daughters Funeral Directors

    Miles & Daughters Funeral Directors was founded in 1999 and is now synonymous with all that is best in funeral direction. The services and facilities provided at our prestigious premises in Winnersh, Reading, Twyford, Binfield, Crowthorne and Maidenhead have been carefully and thoughtfully developed to provide a combination of immediate attention, personal care, efficiency and professionalism. 

    Our family endeavours to be as helpful as possible. We are very proud of the people who work at Miles & Daughters Funeral Directors and extremely lucky to have a team of dedicated and thoughtful people who genuinely care about the service that they supply. 

    We have conveniently located funeral homes in Winnersh, Reading, Twyford, Binfield, Crowthorne and Maidenhead and are proud to serve the people in those communities of many different cultures and faiths, as well as those with no religious beliefs. 

    The team will provide advice at every stage of the funeral planning process, and will arrange an individual and unique funeral to help you celebrate the life of your loved one. 

    Here at Miles & Daughters Funeral Directors we also offer an affordable prepaid funeral plan, Choice, so that you can arrange and pay for a funeral in advance. This will protect your family from rising costs and remove uncertainty about your wishes.

    If you would like to talk to us about planning a funeral, or our Choice plan, please come and see us in any of our funeral homes, or if you’d rather we can arrange a home visit. We’re also available 24 hours a day on the phone so if you need anything please don’t hesitate to call your local funeral home.

    Meet the Team



    Adam was born and raised in Wokingham, his family’s businesses have served the town for three generations.

    He had entered the funeral service more than thirty years ago, qualifying as a funeral director in 1990 and trained as an embalmer in 2002, gaining an overall distinction in the British Institute of Embalmers written examinations.

    Adam’s dedication to the profession was recognised in 2003 when he was elected the youngest ever National President of the National Association of Funeral Directors. Adam had also gained a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Liveryman of the City of London.

    Adam passed away in 2019, but his core values remain ever present.

    Sarah White DIPFAA MBIFD

    Area Development Manager

    Sarah was born and raised in Yorkshire but lived for many years in the Welsh countryside. Sarah has always had an interest in helping others.

    She spent twenty years in the support and care industry, working particularly with young people. Sarah particularly enjoyed working in a further education college, supporting students with learning and physical disabilities and behaviour problems on a wide range of courses. Having had a lifelong interest in helping and supporting others, it seemed a natural move for Sarah to join the funeral profession.

    We are delighted that she chose to join us as manager at Miles & Daughters in Winnersh. Since joining our loyal team, Sarah’s gentle humour, positive attitude and attention to detail have made her very popular with colleagues and clients alike. Sarah is fully qualified, having passed her examinations with the National Association of Funeral Directors.

    Sarah is also a full member of the British Institute of Funeral Directors. Sarah enjoys cycling, baking and seeing the sights and culture of her home city. Sarah has one daughter, Hannah and lives in Wokingham.

    Douglas Ogilvie

    Funeral Director

    Doug was born in Slough and his family moved to Tilehurst when he was only six months old. Doug was educated at Little Heath school and is a Reading lad through and through. Doug left school and began a career in retail management, beginning at Sainsbury stores in Reading and culminating in a senior management role at the Range in Reading. Having long wanted a change in direction, Doug joined Miles and Daughters and now, as our garage foreman, is enjoying the variety and meticulous nature of our work. He and his team are responsible for our immaculate funeral fleet of which they are justifiably proud. Doug is hoping to gain further qualifications within the funeral industry as he progresses with us. Being very keen on sports, he plays football for his local team whenever his baby daughter, Madison will allow him to! Doug Lives in Reading with his partner Carla and Madison.

    Andrew Weston

    Funeral Director

    Born in Birmingham, Andrew moved to Reading after meeting his future wife at a party and finding himself unable to forget her. He has spent many years as a professional driver, with stints at the Reading Corporation Bus Company and latterly as a coach driver with Horseman Coaches. Andrew decided that he would like a change of direction and gained employment with a large funeral director in Reading where he gained experience as a memorial mason and funeral assistant. Andrew lives in Reading with his wife, Cathy. They have three children, Carla, Terrie and Michael.

    Godfrey Evans

    Funeral Service Operative

    Brian Wallace

    Funeral Service Operative

    Sally Roberts

    Funeral Arranger / Administrator - Winnersh

    Sally was born and raised in Alton, and grew up on a farm. Sally has always had a passion for caring for other people and putting their needs before her own. She started work as an auxiliary nurse when she was 18 years old. Since then Sally has always based her career around caring for others and working for the NHS. Sally decided it was time for a change and joined the team at Miles and Daughters. Sally lives in Wokingham with her husband David, and they have three children.

    Nikki Williams

    Funeral Arranger / Administrator - Twyford

    Nikki was born in Chippenham. Wiltshire. She moved around often with her family during her childhood and she feels that this has made her quite adaptable. She started her working life in horticulture and worked in retail, training in production. Nikki, at one time, even had her own garden maintenance business. Nikki met her future husband in 2000 and they set up home in Bracknell. She eventually found work in special education, where she developed her people skills and enjoyed caring for children with challenging behaviour. After many years working in a Pupil Referral Unit, Nikki decided that a change was in order and felt that funeral arranging would be an opportunity to learn new skills and still have use for her caring nature. We are delighted that Nikki came to Miles & Daughters and is now happily settled as our relief manager, carrying out her duties in every one of our six branch offices. Nikki lives with her husband in Earley and enjoys a number of hobbies including folk music, keeping fit and, of course, gardening.

    Jill Beames

    Funeral Arranger / Administrator - Maidenhead

    Jill was born and raised in Reading. For the last 11 years Jill has been a teacher assistant at a local primary school in Woodley, helping children with their education. Towards the end of her career at school she spent a lot of her time supporting children with special needs, which she found very rewarding. Jill lives in Reading with her partner Gerry and her two children Thomas and Emma. She enjoys walking her dogs , riding her horse and socialising with her family and friends.

    Sue Marelli

    Funeral Arranger / Administrator - Binfield

    Lisa Dean

    Funeral Arranger / Administrator - Reading

    Irene Turner

    Funeral Arranger / Administrator - Crowthorne

    After 15 happy years working in the NHS as an administrator, Irene decided upon a change of career; one that would combine her empathetic, caring nature with strong administration skills.

    Starting with Miles & Daughters in Crowthorne in March 2020, Irene really enjoys the opportunity to meet and help people in her role as Funeral Arranger Administrator; guiding and supporting families during their time of need.

    Irene lives in Bracknell with her husband, Jim, and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Irene loves spending time with her family and friends whenever she can, a bit of retail therapy with shopping trips and the occasional Friday night ‘knees up’ In her kitchen.

    Lucie Dunn

    Funeral Arranger / Administrator

    Kelly Head

    Funeral Arranger / Administrator

    Kelly was born and raised in Little Sandhurst and went to Edgbarrow School. She has spent the last 8 years working in telecommunications but decided that it was time for a change. After growing up with her mum working in the funeral industry for over 12 years, she decided to follow in her footsteps and joined Miles and Daughters. Since joining she hasn’t looked back and is hoping to gain further qualifications within her role.

    Hugh Johnstone

    Casual Bearer

    Born in Scotland, Hugh’s family moved to England when he was a schoolboy. Hugh trained as a horticulturist and found a career in that trade by joining H.M. Prison Service in 1975. After 35 years of service, Hugh took early retirement in 2010 and almost immediately came to work with us at Miles & Daughters. Hugh is often to be seen leading the funeral cortege as a funeral director. With his constant optimism and cheerful disposition he has become a much liked and highly valued member of our team. Hugh is an ardent motorcycle fan and is much involved in arranging motorcycling events. He particularly enjoys his trips to France with the CSMA. Hugh is married to Janet and they live in Farnborough.

    Richard Reano

    Casual Bearer

    Richard originally comes from Datchet and moved to Emmer Green about eight years ago. For thirty years, Richard ran a very successful toolmaking and injection moulding factory until he decided to retire in 2015. Unfortunately for Richard, but fortunately for Miles & Daughters, he became bored and decided to join us as a member of our funeral team, where his calm manner and innate sense of humour has enabled him to fit in perfectly! Richard has been married to Veronica for 48 years and they have two sons, and four grandchildren.

    Michael Boulton

    Casual Bearer

    Michael was born in Burton Upon Trent, and originally trained as an accountant, working in that industry for over 25 years. He then spent 17 years working in a residential home looking after ex offenders. Wishing to change direction, Michael entered funeral service in 2007, becoming a funeral operative with a large independent firm for 9 years before moving to Miles & Daughters as a senior hearse driver in 2016. Michael lives in Reading with his wife, Ann.

    Roger Chable

    Casual Bearer

    Roger originally comes from Guildford. After nine years in the Royal Navy, Roger had a long career in electronics. After leaving the field, he became involved in Insurance for over 18 years before retiring in 2000. Not wishing to be bored, Roger decided to follow an entirely new career path and came to join us at Miles & Daughters. He has become a much liked and respected member of our funeral team. Roger enjoys lawn bowling, and is happily involved in his Masonic lodge. Roger is married to Patricia and lives in Woodley.

    Roger Coles

    Funeral Conductor

    Roger spent over 33 years as a psychiatric nurse at Broadmoor Hospital. Having taken early retirement in February 2008, Roger decided that a change was as good as a rest and came to work with us in March 2008. Since then, Roger has worked hard to become our senior funeral director. His remarkable ability to multi task, coupled with an understanding of grief and genuine empathy for the bereaved, have combined to make Roger highly regarded by all who know him. Roger is also the Provincial Librarian and Curator at Sindlesham Masonic centre. He is married to Cecilia and lives in Sandhurst.

    Our Values


    We take pride in everything we do. Our aim is that everyone who works for Funeral Partners shares our values.

    Helping People

    Our business exists to help the bereaved to make fitting arrangements for their loved one’s last journey and to provide lasting memories for family and friends.

    We do this with a positive, caring and understanding approach.

    Respect for everyone

    We value diversity and treat everyone with the same respect, courtesy and dignity.

    Professional Standards

    We are a professional organisation and we strive to achieve the highest possible standards in everything we do and to improve upon these standards continuously.

    Accept responsibility

    We accept responsibility for our actions both as a company and as individuals.


    We believe that we can only achieve our goals by working together in partnership with client families, suppliers and our employees.

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