Coffin range

Choosing a coffin can often be the hardest part of the funeral arrangements because it’s a very visual part of the process.

We will make this as easy for you as we can, taking into account what you believe reflects the personality or wishes of the person whose funeral you are arranging and whether there are any strong ethical or green requirements to bear in mind. It might just be as simple as the one you like the look of the most or whether you have a specific budget in mind.

Miles & Daughters Funeral Directors has a wide selection to choose from, traditional veneer and solid wood coffins in a range of finishes. Also natural materials such as wicker, wool and cardboard along with unique personalised picture coffins and ornate American-style caskets.

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Heartwood Range

The Heartwood Range encompasses our traditional range of coffins, all of which are manufactured in the UK. This range offers you the choice of wood effect, veneered, semi-solid or solid wood coffins as well as caskets and matching cremated remains caskets.

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Reflections Range

Everyone in life is unique, and a picture coffin allows you the opportunity of personalising your coffin, reflecting the individual characteristics of the person who has died. Whether you choose a sporting theme, a landscape or something more abstract through a specific image supplied to us, there is no limit to what we can do to design a truly personal coffin.

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The Country Range

Country Range offers an alternative country style coffin, manufactured from natural sustainable sources, made to the highest environmental standards. This range includes coffins made from materials such as bamboo, seagrass, willow and wool.

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Guardian American Style Caskets

This is a term usually associated with a more ornate American style of coffin and may be chosen for cultural or religious reasons, especially where the person who has died may be displayed in the casket before the funeral ceremony. An example of this would be a Batesville casket, which is made from sixteen–gauge stainless steel with hermetic seals making it a more durable option for burials. However, many are made of solid timber, especially a hardwood like mahogany.

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